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Ultra-High Voltage BCM® Bus Converter Module

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Ultra-High Voltage BCM® Bus Converter Module

The Vicor isolated, fixed ratio bus converter

The Vicor ultra-high voltage bus converter modules (UHV BCMs) are 400 VIN to 700 VIN power components that provide voltage transformation, current multiplication, and isolation. UHV BCMs are uniquely suited for designs that require high power density, high efficiency, small size, and low weight. They are commonly used in three-phase AC Industrial power and DC transmission systems for remote unmanned vehicles.

Using the Vicor resonant Sine Amplitude Converter™ (SAC) topology, the UHV BCM leverage high-frequency zero-voltage switching (ZVS) and zero-current switching (ZCS) to deliver unmatched efficiency and power density with low noise and fast transient response. Also, its low AC impedance, beyond the bandwidth of most downstream regulators, enables bulk capacitance, normally located at the input of a regulator, to be placed at the high voltage input to the BCM. This reduces bulk capacitance requirement saving board area and lowering system cost.


Features and Benefits
  • Unique wide-range ultra-high voltage input
  • Industry benchmark efficiency and power density
  • Parallel operation for multi-kW arrays
  • Integrated PMBus interface
  • Thermally adept VIA package
  • Chassis mount or PCB mount form-factor
  • Integrated EMI and transient filtering
  • OV, OC, UV, short circuit, and thermal protection
  • 4,300 VDC isolation
  • Bidirectional operation
  • Enables flexible 3-phase power solutions
  • Enables high power transmission for remote tethered vehicles