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Toroid Isolation Power Transformers - PH9384 Series

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Toroid Isolation Power Transformers - PH9384 Series

Pulse's PH9384 series of isolation power, push-pull converter transformers with toroid platform SMD

Pulse Electronics' PH9384 series is one of a family of power driver transformer available to deliver low power across an isolation barrier. One typical application is the industrial communication bus interface. Such interfaces, such as the RS485, ModBus, and ProfiBus, typically have multiple access points spread over a wide distance. Large ground loops and electrically noisy environments can create hazardous voltages which have implications for operator safety, protection of peripheral devices, and preserving the communication performance. Traditional high isolation transformers can be oversized for the power they are required to deliver. The patented sidecar construction of the PH9384 series has a low profile and compact style and offers 4 KVRMS isolation voltage and 9.5 mm creepage distance in a surface mount package.

  • Push-pull converter transformer
  • 9.5 mm creepage in SMD platform
  • Reinforced insulation, 4 KVRMS isolation
  • Compatible with multiple IC drivers
  • Compact and cost-effective industrial design
  • Patented
  • Industrial controls
  • Building automation
  • Smart grids
  • Surveillance systems
  • Metering
  • Renewable energy
  • Lighting
  • Backup power