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G Series TFT Displays

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G Series TFT Displays

Matrix Orbital's G Series TFT displays oversized capacitive touch panels with adhesive strip to simplify the mounting process

Matrix Orbital's G series are a glass option cover for a variety of TFT displays. Offered with the HTT, EVE2, and Parallel modules, the oversized capacitive touch panel features an adhesive strip that simplifies the mounting process. When paired with a compatible controller, these panels can create a stunning human-machine interface (HMI) for a wide range of applications. These TFT displays are designed to create a brilliant finish so projects will quickly and easily achieve a clean, sleek look with the addition of this cover glass.

Modules and available sizes:

  • HTT (HDMI)
    • HTT50G (5.0")
    • HTT70G (7.0")
  • EVE2 (FT81x)
    • EVE2-35G (3.5")
    • EVE2-38G (3.8" 1U)
    • EVE2-43G (4.3")
    • EVE2-50G (5.0")
    • EVE2-70G (7.0")
  • Parallel
    • MOP-TFT320240-35G (3.5")
    • MOP-TFT480116-38G (3.8" 1U)
    • MOP-TFT480272-43G (4.3")
    • MOP-TFT800480-50G (5.0")
    • MOP-TFT800480-70G (7.0")
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